Sunday, April 13, 2014

TJ kid favs and Biscoff love

Lately, I've been buying a lot of snacks that are more for people under the age of 10, but I really like small portions and sweet snacks! These Cinnamon Schoolbook cookies are just enough to cure my sweet tooth after dinner without being too much. I can eat a few, spell my bf's name, and I'm happy. I also really like the Cinnamon Cats and Ginger Cats at TJ's.

I like Clif bars, but most of the time I can't finish a whole one by myself. Plus, they are a little to dense for me. I tried these and they are the perfect size and sweetness, and then I don't need a chocolate chip cookie or brownie (even though I still gotta have them every once in a while!).

The Iced Oatmeal Cookie bar (not pictured cause I ate them all) are my favorite. They're kind of like an oatmeal creme pie if you just try to imagine really hard! The Honey Graham is my 2nd favorite, and kind of tastes like Teddy Grahams as a soft cookie.

I've always loved strawberry applesauce in the little cups, and this is just the same delicious applesauce but you can eat it while driving, typing, hiking, or if you lost your spoon.

This cocoa isn't from Trader Joe's, but I just wanted to share it because Salted Carmel and Chocolate are delicious together. I picked it up at Amy's Candy Bar on Damen, and I can't wait to drink some tonight, especially because it's supposed to snow again tomorrow but yet it was 80 degrees here yesterday!!!! So ridiculous.

My love for Biscoff is getting outta control, and I love when I find new things to eat it with. I used my mostly empty jar of Biscoff to make overnight oats with chopped banana, and it was SO yummy. I really enjoy making overnight oats when I have time and remember the night before, but I just wish I had a ton of empty Biscoff jars to make them in!

This is my usual breakfast of Biscoff on an english muffin and banana slices on top. Isn't this banana the biggest thing you've ever seen?

Yesterday, I found the newest of my Biscoff obsessions, Biscoff Banana donut pockets at Stan's Donuts. I don't think I'll actually eat another one of these for a while, gotta eat somewhat healthy sometimes, but it was so good!!

Stan's had a lot of really unique donuts. Besides the Biscoff Banana pocket, I got a banana peanut butter pocket, Nutella pocket, pretzel glazed, pistachio lemon, and vanilla old fashioned. They were all great, and I only wish I lived closer and could eat these all the time!