Sunday, October 12, 2014

All kinds of exciting news!

September 5th weekend was the best weekend ever! Turned 30, got a dog, and got engaged!!! Cool, huh?

 I LOVE my ring! It has a vintage look, but it's nice and simple which is what I wanted.

We had reservations at Table 52 for my birthday dinner, which is a place that I've been wanting to try for years! It's a little on the expensive side, so it was a perfect place for a special dinner. Art Smith is the chef (used to be Oprah's personal chef!), and his food is southern cooking with awesome flavors. The complementary goat cheese biscuits that came out first were so good, I almost missed getting a picture of them.

I had my heart set on the fried chicken, and it was pretty darn good. I wouldn't say it was THE best fried chicken I've ever had, but still really good!

We also got the mac and cheese in a cast iron pot, which was SO rich and creamy. I loved the top slightly burnt parts of the cheese the most. The best thing we ordered was actually the prime rib that you can kind of see behind the mac. It melted in your mouth and has the best flavor! It wasn't cheap, but it was a really, really good steak.

I also ordered the Hummingbird cake with blueberry sauce to bring home because we were so stuffed! It was pretty delicious, but I almost thought it had too much icing!

So after we got home, we went on a walk in the park near our house, and B got down on one knee and asked me to marry him :) It was the best birthday present I've ever gotten.

We had already planned on going to the shelter and looking at dogs that next day, and we said we were just going to "look", but if we saw a dog we liked we could decide then if we should adopt it.

And of course we found a black lab that we loved! We named him Wyatt, and he is 1-2 years old. He had only been there a week, so if we didn't take him home that day, he would've been gone the next week I'm sure.

That night we were going out with friends for my birthday, so we got to tell everyone our big news! It was a pretty crazy few days of telling everyone and getting used to the doggie, but now it's all soaking in and it's awesome.

The next weekend, my brother and niece came up to visit and go to my company's annual picnic! It was so much fun riding the Frog Hopper, and I made sure there wasn't a weight limit!

P had a blast doing all the activities without waiting in line or anything! It was pretty cool. We went to Ed Debevic's for dinner because I'd never been, and I figured P would like that the servers yell at you and and dance on the tables. She definitely liked it there. The food was pretty average though. Definitely a tourist spot!

So now we're just getting used to having another thing living with us, and having more responsibilities like feeding and walking him 3 times a day!

His favorite hobbies so far include looking out the window at squirrels, stretching in downward doggie, and chewing on shoes and potholders. We're trying to give him antlers and treats to chew on instead, so hopefully he will learn!

Just look at that face! Now I understand why people take/post so many pictures of their pets! I might start to become one of them...