Sunday, April 30, 2017

It's me again!

Hey guys, I know it's been a long time! I'm still here, but life always gets so busy, and all I want to do when I get home from work is make dinner (not even make it sometimes!) and sit on the couch and watch an hour of TV. Lately, I am so tired I start falling asleep around 8:30, which is too early to go to bed! So I make myself stay awake until around 9:30 or 10, and then it's actually a normal hour to go to bed. Exciting huh? On the weekends, I am usually doing all my errands, like grocery, laundry, cleaning the house, and now that it's warm - mowing the lawn!

We bought our first house last August, and it's been SO nice to have a big yard for Wyatt, more room, a bigger kitchen, and privacy (not hearing your neighbors every time they come home). Having a garage is pretty awesome. It's all the things we didn't have for the last 8 years in an apartment that are amazing to have. So I am just enjoying living here and trying to decorate and make it feel homey, slowly but surely. 

There are some things we still need to do, like paint the whole inside of the house, before I can hang pictures, but we'll do it eventually. It's a lot more to keep up with than an apartment, so things take a lot longer to happen. One thing I'm trying to learn about is gardening, but I have a black thumb... I think that's what you call it. So I am not the best at keeping plants alive. I also wish decorating came easily to me, because it's hard to decide what will look good in a house before buying it, and matching everything. It kind of gives me anxiety! But I am slowly getting it decorated in here.

I've baked some things here and there in my new big kitchen, including these Cherry Almond Shortbread Cookies from Sally's Baking Addition. If you like maraschino cherries, then you will love these cookies! We were talking about renovating the kitchen this summer, which would be awesome since it's a little old and outdated. But that might have to wait until next summer, so I'll make do until then.

I am pretty excited that it's finally warm outside, although this weekend it's been raining and in the 60s! But it will be warm soon....

Okay, I'll leave you with some crazy sleeping Wyatt pictures in his favorite spot, and this picture of Wyatt when he graduated from his obedience school class. Can you believe he sat there with all those other dogs so calmly? It's amazing!