Thursday, September 24, 2015


Well guys, it's been the craziest and busiest 5 months of my life since I last  posted, so I have a good excuse! A few things happened like: we moved out of our tiny 550 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment in Chicago to a huge (not really but feels like it to us) 2 bedroom 2 bathroom 10 million closet apartment in Indianapolis, we started new jobs, bought a new car, did wedding festivities, I turned 31, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we got married!! And went on a creepy/scary short honeymoon. So lots of big changes in a short amount of time! Plus little things I didn't even mention cause my brain is just now getting back to normal.

Before we moved, I tried to go to all my favorite restaurants or places that I REALLY had been wanting to go to in Chicago. This is the famous burger from Au Cheval that people say is the best burger everrrrr. It was pretty good, but I don't think I would go that crazy over it like some people did.

This bone marrow was more interesting, because I'd never tried it and it was so freakin expensive for what little amount you get! However, it's really really really rich, so you don't need much before you get kind of grossed out. I'd still try it again though!

My matron of honor threw me a bridal shower, even though she is not the party planning type and hated doing it, ha! But she did an awesome job. It was simple and cute and not over the top, which is my style. I loved her cucumber tea sandwiches! All homemade and each crust cut off with love.

My maid of honor threw my bachlorette party in Chicago, and it was after we already moved to Indy. So we drove up for the weekend and I had so much fun! We went to the beach that afternoon and then went back to her house for a pasta making class from TipsyCooks. They come to your house, bring all the ingredients, cook the pasta for you and clean up everything, all while you sip on your cocktails or beer :)

She also decorated with old pictures of me everywhere! Eeek! It was so cute that she had everyone send her pictures they had of me, cause some I had never even seen! And then of course there were 7th and 8th grade yearbook pictures that weren't as cute. My dark lipstick and tshirt under a tank top phase was greaaaaat.

The pasta that we made and they cooked for us was pretty good, but it needed some veggies or something else to add flavor or crunch. Homemade pasta is so different than box pasta! I wish I could make it all the time, but I never have time!!

The best part of all was finally getting to marry my bestest friend. We've been together 7 1/2 years and it was almost like we were married already! But now it's for real, and it feels awesome. 

I made my 2 girls get their hair done with me, haha! None of us are girly girls and I wasn't going to have my make up done, but then decided I would probably never have an excuse to do it again. It was really nice to just chill with them that morning and not just be waiting around!

 I'll post some real wedding pics next time :)

For our honeymoon, I only had 2 vacation days from work, so it was a short and sweet stay in Nashville, Indiana. We hiked at Brown County State Park and stayed in a very secluded log cabin with a lake in the backyard. It was a little tooooo secluded though, and there was a creepy abandoned house down the trail from the cabin with old mattresses in it, and a bunch of weird stuff happened that made us not enjoy it as much! I think we might have psyched ourselves out a bit.

So now we're just getting back to normal in our apartment. Wyatt is loving being around more grass and trees and riding in the car more often. 

He loves to chill on the back porch by himself sometimes, which is still not quite a fenced in yard, but it's a step up!