Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yackity Yack

I really want to blog more often, but I am much more of a internet reader than poster. I usually will just read through message boards, facebook, twitter, and all of those sites and never really post anything. I'm not sure why, just don't really ever feel like it. So I think that is why I don't blog very often.

So the holidays are over! It's officially the boring part of winter where the next 2-3 months go by SOOO SLOOOW and there's nothing but spring to look forward to. Valentine's Day isn't that exciting, and I'm not in school so I don't get a Spring Break. But me and B are going to Denver for a few days during his SB, so that is what I'm looking forward to! Otherwise, we've just been renting lots of redbox movies, which is an awesome deal, and lazying around on weekends. I made some GG Crackers yesterday, which are just Ranch oyster crackers w/ dill weed, and they remind me of when I'd go to my neighbors house and her mom would make them for us. I like nostalgic foods. Like I went home for Thanksgiving and I asked my mom to make Cream Turkey on Toast. I didn't used to really like when she would make that for dinner as a kid, but now I like it and it brings back memories.

So I went to Target and spent a LOT of money this weekend. I bought a few pieces of clothing that were all on sale, and a couple expensive hygiene products that I needed, but I always buy more groceries that I plan on buying! I am horrible at going somewhere and buying only what we need and leaving. I take my time, browse, compare prices, and decide if I REALLY need to buy whatever it is. I hate to waste food, so I always think... if it's sour cream or something, what can we use this for multiple times so we don't waste half of it by just using it once?

Ok so no pictures this post, i know that's boring, but next time for sure!

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