Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Random good food!

Just sitting here on my couch watching Conan. He's in Chicago this week doing his shows, and they're crackin me up! He's made so many jokes about the city that I actually understand, so it makes it that much funnier.

I also just made some brownies from a box. They are so bad for you, but yet so tasty when they're warm and right out of the oven. Add some ice cream and whipped cream and it's a heavenly dessert.

This Hungry Monkey chocolate chip banana bread and carrot cake bread was so good! Just like homemade bread. I got it at Marinos, which is the new grocery down on Western that is always PACKED with people on the weekends. Probably because they have a variety of brands there, and neat local products like this.

I discovered this brand of Coconut Water in Las Vegas, and went on a hunt to find it here in Chicago when I got back. I cannot STAND the taste of regular coconut water, even with fruity flavors mixed in,  but I'd never seen dark chocolate coconut water! So I tried it, and it tastes just like chocolate milk! So I can get all the great benefits of the coconut water now without the nasty gross taste :)

Another reason I go to Marinos is because it's the only grocery that has Stuffed Crust Digorino pizzas.... don't tell anyone! Sometimes after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is make a big dinner. So Digorino's it is.

My dream would actually be to go out to eat every night, but who has the money for that??

I love most cheeses, but this Goat Milk Cheddar is awwwwsome. With some pretzel crisps.

I took a cooking class at The Chopping Block in Lincoln Square last year, and it was lots of fun! I wish I could take more of them, but one class is $85, so it's not exactly easy on the pocketbook. Anyway, the class was on Beef, so we made a prime rib, flank steak, and pork medallions. With the flank steak, we made a Chimichurri sauce, and I fell in love with it at that moment. It's made of simple, easy ingredients, but has this tang and awesome flavor that I loved! Yum yum. So when I saw TJ's had this Chimichurri Rice, I squealed and threw it in the cart. It's so flavorful!

Brownie time!


  1. I have to try that rice. I like their Chinese citrus glazed chicken. Pretty good!

    1. Ooo I'll pick that up next time I go.