Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bang Bang Pie Shop

It's Halloween! And we didn't dress up or go to any parties at all this year. But I'm okay with that. It's fun every other year or if you have a good party to go to, but if you're just going out to a bar, then I'd rather save my money. 

So I have fallen in love with Bang Bang Pie Shop in Logan Square. Specifically the biscuits with butter and jam. These things are so fluffy, but yet dense. They have a nice crispy top, and when you add some  peach butter or blackberry jam, it's like heaven in your mouth. Also add a cup of their delicious coffee and you can just melt into a puddle of happiness. I always want to try a sample of everything, so I got the salted butter, black pepper butter, peach butter, cherry jam, blackberry jam, and lavender honey. They are all so fresh, I love it. 

I originally went to try the pie. They offer 3 different kinds that rotate about each month. A chocolate, a fruit, and a cream pie. I got the Banana Walnut Toffee pie with caramel sauce, and the Oreo pie. The banana was awesome, and the Oreo was just okay. The white mousse part was a little too sweet for me.

I went back last weekend and got the Pumpkin Pie with streusel, and the Apple Crumble pie. Both were yummy, and I plan on coming back to try the others when they switch them out.

Bang Bang Pie is a cute little shop with only about 6 tables inside, but on warm days they have a side yard area with picnic tables that makes you feel like you're in somebody's backyard in the country, and there should be clothes hanging out on a line to dry. I just hope that in the winter, there are enough seats inside because it's been packed the 2 times I've been! 

I also just found out that they are taking orders for whole pies and pans of biscuits for Thanksgiving!! I really want to get a pan of biscuits, but I'm afraid they won't be as good as when they're fresh and warm. Plus, I like to add all the butters and jams when I'm there, and I'm not sure if they would give you this stuff at home. I'll have to find out....

Lots of other stuff has been going on this month. I got to visit the fam and take my niece shoe shopping while I was there. She is such a diva. Luckily, she went for the slip-on checkered Vans so she's still cool. 

I also went to Harvest Homecoming, which is my hometown's big fall festival. There's all kinds of good food, crafts, rides, and crazy people. It really does bring out the strangest people. But I got to eat some pumpkin ice cream, rolled oysters, chicken and dumplings, and homemade donuts. 

I'm getting excited for the holidays! The book club I'm in is having a cookie exchange, and I've never done one so I am super pumped! 


  1. Whoo hoo cookie exchange!

    I want to go back to Bang Bang and try a biscuit. We should go to Hoosier Mama sometime.

    1. Yeah let's do both! And then we'll roll ourselves home.