Sunday, May 19, 2013

Current Favorites

Just a few of my favorite foods lately. This bananas foster ice cream is SUPER sweet, and I can only eat like 3 bites of it at a time. But of course it's amazing. I found it at the 7-11 across the street, and I haven't seen it in any grocery stores. So it must be super special. 

I really love dried apricots, apples, and prunes. And it's a healthy snack, right? Sure it is! 

Another good healthy snack. At least I tell myself it is. Better than regular potato chips!! I like how they are sweet. I've tried the cheese flavored rice cakes and they aren't as good for some reason. 

Cilantro is SO good, so I really like this frozen corn. It can be a little overwhelming if you eat too much in one sitting, but it has really good flavor for being frozen.

My only Trader Joe's favorite! Probably because I've already blogged about everything I like from there. These frozen potstickers are pretty close to what you get in a restaurant. I've grown to really like potstickers, and it's nice to heat a few up with my meal. 

I've been wanting to buy a jar of Rare Bird Preserves for a while now. I just never knew what flavor to get, and I wanted to make sure it was a good one for $10 a jar! So when I was at the Dose Market, there were samples at their booth, and Cherry Lime was a winner. So I splurged and got a jar, and it is awesome! There are lots of whole cherry chunks, and it's just a really good flavor without being too sweet. 

So my friends Emily and Emily recently took a trip after our Indian buffet dinner to Oberweis for dessert. I had just recently bought a pint of chocolate ice cream from the grocery, and was blown away by how creamy and delicious it was. They serve all kinds of flavors at the store, along with milk and ice cream and other dairy products. This is a coffee carmel chocolate chip ice cream, and it was really good, but maybe a little too many chocolate chips for my liking. Anyway, I love Oberweis now, and I keep buying their pints of ice cream at the store, which I know are probably so bad for you, but taste oooh so good!


  1. Is that cilantro corn from Trader Joe's? It sounds so good!

    1. It's actually from Dominick's! And it is soooo so good.

  2. Haha I was going to ask the same thing! We don't have Dominick's here. Sad face.

    I want all of that ice cream!