Sunday, April 5, 2015

Favorites for Spring

None of my favorites for spring are healthy or spring-like, but I just thought it's time to tell you a few new things I loved anyway!

Cookie Butter is taking over the world, and these sandwich cookies were of course, awesome! But don't eat too many at once... lots. of. butter. And I actually just bought cookie butter cheesecake bites, so they definitely know how to market this stuff to people like me who want to try EVERYTHING!

Coffee AND donuts?!?! I  had to buy this ice cream to try, and it was pretty good. I would still rather have a real donut and real coffee I think.
Okay don't make fun of me, but I LOVE the cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster. I always am trying to go there for dinner, but nobody wants to go since the rest of their food kind of sucks! So this is a nice substitute, even thought it's still not the same...but I think the main part that makes it taste the same is the garlic and herb packet that you mix in the melted butter and spread all over the biscuits. You really have to slather them with butter, too, if you want them to taste like the restaurant version!

I went to the Oberweis store for the first time last year with Emily and Emily, and have been obsessed with their chocolate ice cream since then! I might have even written about it already in another post... but whatever. It's still one of my favorite ice creams because the chocolate is not too rich and it's so creamy. I'm sad I might not be able to eat it once we move out of Chicago!

I really love dill, but it's not a very common herb. I'm so glad they made these triscuits, because it helps cure my dill craving! I usually eat it with tuna or chicken salad scooped on, or with chunks of cheese on top.

One of my favorite brunch places in Chicago is Over Easy in Lincoln Square. There is always a 30+ minute wait, though. So I took a random Tuesday off work to go dress shopping with my friend Amy, and I figured it would be the perfect day to go there so there isn't a wait! I wish I could do that every week! This Bananas Foster french toast is my favorite thing to get, plus some of their amazing Julius Meinl coffee.
Not a favorite, but I did Silks class with my friend Sharyn, and it was really fun, but also really hard! I could not climb up very high, and my upper body was so sore the next day. I actually pulled a muscle/hamstring in my upper back thigh, and they made me report it as an injury! I'm not as young and flexible as I used to be I guess.

Of course my favorite puppy of all time has so show up in this post.

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