Monday, August 30, 2010


I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!!!!! I am SO pumped because my favorite boy in the whole world got me an early birthday present. He knew what I wanted, and knew which cameras were the best since he works at Best Buy! So I've been snapping pics left and right, and trying to play with all the cool settings.

One of my favorite things to eat and drink is wine and cheese. I used to work at a wine bar, and before that I had no idea what any cheeses or wines were! But I learned about all sorts of cheeses, and meats, and wines, and now I love pairing them all together. There was an appetizer at the restaurant of brie and apple on toasted bread, and it was amazingly yummy. So I wanted to eat that at home since it's so easy to make!

Sooo I'm watching who's on Dancing with the Stars for next season, and it's the first year that there isn't anyone who's obviously better than everyone else. Like last season, there was the dancer girl from Pussycat dolls, and then the ice skating guy. I mean, they have had years of dance like training, so it doesn't seem very fair. Oh well it's just TV!

We got to go to the Bears game this past weekend, and watched from my work's SUITE! And I have to say it was definitely sweet :) hehe get it? Yea it was so nice, they had food and drinks and it was kinda like watching it on tv, but better.

I'm not sure I like how this thing puts all the picture at the top, and then I have move everything around. Is there another way of putting the pictures on here besides at the top? Teach me! Ugg I'm such a newbie blogger.

Dating in the Dark is such a funny show. Really corny, but entertaining.

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  1. Yaay for new cameras! Love the brie and apple appetizer. Mmm.