Sunday, November 28, 2010


Time for an update! Where to start... hmm.. well my roomie and I got a Groupon for $75 worth of wine for only $25 at Barclay's! Delivered to our apt, too! Can't beat a deal like that. The best so far has been the Laguille white wine. I think we still have 2 more bottles left, so we've made it last for a while! I haven't done too much baking lately, and I've realized that I want/need so many new things to make my baking better. Like our cookie sheets are so gross and old, and I don't like how they make the bottoms of cookies get done faster and then they are hard and almost burnt. Also, I'd like a Kitchenaid mixer, and they had them on sale at Target for $199 this weekend! But I think I'm gonna just have to wait til I'm married before I get all new stuff, or else wait until I've saved up more money. Speaking of that....

I caught the bouquet at a friend's wedding! hehehe. That's my man holding it so proudly :)

Man, it's been so long since I've blogged! Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is over, and Chrismas will be here in 3 weeks!! It's nuts! So we went as zombie people as you can see, I was a jogger, and Brandon was a hillbilly. Cheap costumes is what I like, but it was hard to get all that makeup off!

Last week, I went home before thanksgiving so I could see my family, and then came back up to Chicago to have Thanksgiving with Brandon at IHOP. He had to work on Black Friday, so it would have been too much trouble to drive somewhere and back in 24 hours! It was so nice spending time w/ little Presley, though, and I miss her already.

Next time, I'll post Persimmon cookies that my mom makes, and they are SO good!

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