Saturday, April 21, 2012

My fav's at TJ's

I went to Trader Joe's today! If I could buy one of everything in that store, I would. I love how their food is cheaper AND healthier than the regular grocery store. I thought I'd tell you some of my favorites.

Fage greek yogurt is the best brand of greek yogurt in my opinion. Add a little granola, and this is a great, healthy breakfast. This actually isn't exclusive to TJ's, but it's always cheaper there.
This Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal is on the more unhealthy side of breakfast, but it tastes so good! It has so much flavor compared to other instant oats, and is really good with a chopped up banana mixed in. Even the packet smells all mapley!
Ohh arugula, I am so glad I found you. When I moved to Chicago, I was first introduced to this peppery green as a salad, and whenever I see it on a sandwich or as a salad at a restaurant, I usually get it. I don't even really like pepper that much, but this stuff is full of flavor! It adds a nice punch to a boring sandwich. It's also great with just parm cheese flakes and oil and balsamic vinegar.
This. cheese. is. amazing. It has fennel seeds in it, which can be pretty powerful, but it adds another flavor to the already strong goat cheese. I actually don't think I bought this at TJ's now that I think about it, but they do sell really good cheeses like this.

Another cheese that is awesome is Humbolt Fog. If you haven't tried it, do it asap! With some fig jam.
Ok this really is TJ's cheese. Fontina is usually sold in a brick, but TJ's was nice enough to cut it into slices for us! They make it so easy to eat good food.
Last but not least, Baba Ghannouj! It has a more tangy flavor than hummus, which I think makes it more interesting. Eat it with some warm Naan and it is delish!

After today's purchases, I'll have more to tell you about I'm sure! This weekend is pretty relaxing for me, which I don't mind at all. Catching up on some zzzz's, Mad Men, Biscoff spread and banana slices on an english muffin for brekky, and maybe getting a vanilla cupcake from Southport Grocery if I'm good and work out!


  1. I love aruguala. And Purple Haze and Humboldt Fog. Cypress Grove can do no wrong.