Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grahamwich, Burger Fest, and Square Roots

Isn't that an awesome view of the city? I went to my friend's birthday party last night up on his rooftop deck, and it was the 48th floor or something like that. Of course the pictures are never as good as seeing it in person. But I thought it was pretty darn neat.

Graham Elliot has a sandwich shop close to my work called Grahamwich, and I had been there once before and wasn't too impressed. But I decided it was just the my sandwich choice, which was the grilled cheese, and I am not a fan of something dripping in grease, which it was. The concept was great, cause it had cheese curds and tomato marmalade along with the standard cheese and butter, but it made my stomach hurt a little cause of all the grease!

So this time I got the Roast Beef on a pretzel roll, with grainy mustard, arugula, grilled onions and shoestring potato sticks. It was a LOT better than the grilled cheese, and I really enjoyed the flavors of everything together. Next time I want to try the Teriyaki Tofu wrap with pineapple relish, wasabi peas, broccoli florets, and red peppers. Sounds pretty tasty to me!

I also ordered a small bag of the BBQ Cheddar chips, but I could've done without them. They were homemade, but just too crunchy and not enough flavor for me to really enjoy.

I actually was waiting a long time for my food, and they had called about 10 other people's numbers before mine, so they gave me a free drink for my trouble of waiting. I thought that was pretty neat. It was an Orange Ginger soda, and was pretty good. I couldn't really taste much ginger, but that's ok cause too much ginger is overwhelming sometimes.

They have a cute little area for communal seating, but it's not very big! So I took my food back to my office and ate it.

Last time I went, I got one of the ice cream sundaes that they offer. The flavors are always changing, so it was Nutella and Banana back then, and this time they had Cinnamon Stick with roasted apple, salted carmel, and pie crust. I decided to pass on the ice cream this time, but definitely got excited when I saw their case of donuts from Glazed and Infused and Carol's Cookies! I had just been talking to my friends Emily and Emily about these cookies and how good they are, but you can only eat like 1/2 of one because 1 cookie has 900 calories! (or some crazy high number)

The prices were just a little on the high side, and service was slow, but it was a Friday at lunch, so I'll give them a break. I definitely want to taste another sandwich to see if it matches up to the awesome Roast Beef, or the not-so-awesome Grilled Cheese.

Today, I walked over to the Burger Fest in Roscoe Village to sample a few sliders from some restaurants that I've been wanting to try. The first one was from Butcher and the Burger. It had cheddar cheese, onions, and truffle mayo on top. It was really good, but the bun kind of overpowered the actual burger. I'd like to try a full-sized burger from there, cause I have a feeling it would be a better burger to bun ratio. They offer butchery classes at the restaurant where you actually break down a pig, and get to take some of it home! How cool is that.

The other burger I tried was from Rockit Bar and Grill, and it wasn't quite as good as the first one. It was a Truffle Mushroom burger, and was actual slider size, which I preferred. But the meat just wasn't as flavorful.

On Friday night, Brandon and I went to Square Roots Fest in my neighborhood, and I actually liked the  food I had there better than both of these burgers! But no pictures to show you what I ate, unfortunately. We had a burger from The Grafton, and we've been there before to eat their amazing burgers, so it wasn't a surprise how delicious it was. Put some curry sauce on it and served on a pretzel bun, anything is better. We also had a bacon sausage on a pretzel roll from Big Fork Brands, and it was so good! Those win the award for best food this weekend.

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