Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vintage Bazaar and Baker & Nosh

Today I rode my bike (for the first time since I got it all fixed up!) to the Vintage Bazaar. It's where a bunch of pop-up shops come to one place with their vintage stuff, and it was really neat looking around at all the Mad Men dresses and antiques.

I was so excited when I saw some food trucks parked in the area, so of course I had to try a few! I got some donuts from Beavers Donuts, and a BBQ Asian Pork taco with mango salsa from Duck and Roll. Both things were pretty good, and I wish I could have tried The Slide Ride truck and a few others that were there.

I also bought some goodies from Cacao Sweets and Treats to take home. They just looked too good to pass by!

On my way to the Vintage Bazaar, I wanted to check out a newish bakery that had mixed reviews on Yelp, Baker and Nosh. It had a cute outdoor area, and the indoor area was kind of small, but nice.

I ordered a Pain au Chocolat and regular coffee. The coffee was really good, with a nice strong flavor, but the croissant wasn't really all that great.

The top layer flaked off as soon as I took a bite, and then the rest of it was almost cold and flat. I think I might just be spoiled by the amazing croissants at Hendrickx, but I wasn't too impressed.

They also had a few other baked goods and sandwiches, so those might have been more promising.

I do think I ate way to many sweets today, and now feel like I need to eat only broccoli for dinner to make up for it.

Oooh boy back to work tomorrow! I wish I could do stuff like this every day, but gotta make money somehow.

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