Monday, February 11, 2013


I've been meaning to post about these Bananappeal cakes for over a year now! Can you believe it? I saw them online on Gilt's website, and I love anything banana, so I shelled out the money and ordered the 4-pack of cakes. Plus, they are in little mason jars that you can reuse after you eat the cake! How cute.

I visited Bananappeal's website to see what they were about, and it looks like they can ship these anywhere, and do them for weddings and other events. These would be pretty darn cute as party/wedding favors.

They also have cheesecakes, but I didn't get those. I'm sure they would've been just as tasty, especially the Bananas Foster.

They had 2 sizes, and I got the smaller ones.

I think the Banana Toasted Coconut was my favorite out of the four. The cakes were light and didn't have THAT much banana-y flavor, but I think I might have been expecting a banana bread consistency, which is more dense.

If these weren't so darn expensive, I would buy them more often, maybe as a gift or treat for someone. It's also expensive to order baked goods online, cause they have to ship them in 2-3 days so they don't go bad or melt or something!

Speaking of bananas, I think they taste the best right when they have a little green still on them, and are bright yellow. I don't like them when they're too ripe. But it's so hard to buy them green and have them ripen well! Sometimes they just go from green to brown. How can I get them to ripen better? Sit them in the sun? Don't sit them in the sun? So hard to get it right.


  1. I want to try these banana cakes. They sound good. I will eat bananas until they're almost black. :( I don't like the green. We are opposites.

    1. I'll start sending you all of my black bananas :)