Sunday, March 17, 2013

Big ol' catch up

This weekend was St. Patty's Day! I went to my friend's for brunch on Saturday, and made some Caramel Banana Chocolate Chip bread to go along with his egg casserole. But when I got there, somebody had brought 2 dozen Glazed and Infused doughnuts! My banana bread was immediately forgotten. This Lucky Charms glazed doughnut was so good! The cereal was not quite as crunchy as it would be fresh out of the box, but it was still tasty. 

I took the train to get to his apartment, and at 10am on a Saturday, it was packed full of people going down to the parade, going to the bars, and everywhere else to start their day of drinking. It's so funny how everyone is all about the holidays where you can start drinking first thing in the morning. 

3/14 was Pi day, and Cafe Selmarie was selling pie slices for $3.14! I got the 2nd to last piece of this Oreo Banana Creme pie. It was so good, and something that I might have to make at home for the next holiday....

Last weekend, I went with my friend Emily and her friend Erica to the Dose Market. They have it once a month down by the AMC Theaters/Lucky Strike Lanes, and there are local vendors selling stuff AND giving out samples, which is the best part. I have been wanting to buy some Rare Bird preserves, but it's $10 a jar and I didn't want to buy a jar and not like the flavor. So I got to taste the Cherry Lime, and it was so yummy! I actually didn't buy a jar there, but plan on buying one soon! 

A few things I did buy were this Bananas Foster caramel square for 75 cents (what a steal!), and a Bourbon Chocolate Smore from Truffle Truffle. They also had homemade pop-tarts, but I skipped out on that and got a Banana Espresso Chip muffin from Little Goat. It was good, but nothing spectacular.

On our way home, we walked through the grocery part of Fox and Obel, which is pretty much like a Treasure Island, Whole Foods, and Goddess and the Grocer combined. It has a lot of local food, plus some gourmet food as well. The picture is blurry, but I've never seen a Peanut Butter Banana flavored chocolate bar before! I didn't buy it, but I wonder if it tastes good? 

I think you can probably tell from this post alone that my favorite flavor is banana. I'm not sure why pretty much everything that has banana in it is what I end up buying/ordering.

Even this cupcake from Crumbs was a banana peanut butter cupcake, which they called the Elvis. I've been wanting to try Crumbs for a long time, and they opened up a mini location inside the Water Tower. They all looked so amazing in the case, and I had a hard time choosing one! But they were so big, so I just picked the Elvis since the girl working said it was a limited time cupcake.

Ummmmm it was NOT good. The banana flavor was the fake banana taste, like what they put in candy. WHY would they do that? I also didn't really like how fluffy and sweet overall the cupcake was. Maybe if I had gotten a different flavor, I'd like them better since I can't stand the fake banana flavor. I dunno. I was going to buy the mini-cupcakes for work birthdays, but now I'm not sure if I want to!

One time at Goddess and the Grocer, I got Bulgogi Beef Lettuce Wraps, with kimchi and pears, and it was the best thing I'd had in a while. I loved the flavor of the meat, and so I thought that Crisp would have the same great Korean style flavor of meat. I got a burrito, so it had some other veggies to go with it, but I was a little disappointed in the flavor of the beef. I just hope Goddess has that as a sandwich special another time so I can get it again!

I went to Girl and the Goat with Emily, Emily and Sharyn a few weeks ago! We've had reservations for like 5 months, so it was good to finally go after looking forward to it for so long. My favorite dish was the scallops and kimchi. I usually wouldn't even order scallops or make them at home, but these were sooooo good, and the kimchi made it even better. 

We also had the Pig Face, which wasn't even as good as expected. But still tasty. The green beans were awesome, and the Escargot Ravioli was another favorite. Dessert was pretty amazing, but no pictures of those, sorry! I guess I was too full to think clearly.

Have you had a Carol's Cookie? They are amazing. And huge. And 1,000 + calories for one cookie. I saw this cookie dough at Whole Foods, and ALMOST bought it, but then remembered that I need to not buy so many sweets!! I'm pretty bad at that. So many tempting things in Chicago! If and when we move back to Indiana, I will not be so tempted with all of the bakeries and restaurants since there won't be as many. Which is good I'm thinking.

Firecakes doughnuts! A tiny little location, but these are so far the best doughnuts I've had in Chicago. I should probably go here again soon. 

We had book club in January at Pastoral Wine Bar, and it was very different, but delicious. We ordered a variety of cheeses, meats, and they each came with a sweet item. It was pretty cool. I need to start going to more wine bars, cause cheese boards are so darn good. 

Restaurant Week! I went with the Emily's to Hearty, and it was everything I'd hoped, except for the desert. The cornflake chicken was really juicy and crunchy, and the collard greens were probably the best thing I ate there. I also had the tomato soup with a really sharp cheddar crouton (or something I can't remember), and it was also really tasty. 

They were out of the Chocolate Pot dessert!!! I was so sad :( So we got the Gingerbread Smore, and the Lucky Charms ice cream. Both were just okay. 

 I'd like to go back for brunch sometime.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff. That's what I get for only posting once a month!

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